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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

LOS ANGELES Hands-On Tiny House WORKSHOP announced! Feb 3-5!

The Diedricksen Brothers 
(Deek and Dustin from HGTV's "Tiny House Builders")
Los Angeles- February 3-4-5th, 2017 at L.A.'s CAFAM Museum!  

You WILL NOT get that at other workshops.....
Space is limited to 40 students! 

SIGN up BEFORE 12/10 and get $75.00 off the workshop 

A casual "chat" with host Deek Diedricksen....
WHY sign up for our workshop over others? 

Sponsors/Special Thanks! 
Interested in sponsoring this event for your company's visibility? 
(with youtube ad tie-ins)

"B'laster- THE NUMBER ONE penetrant for breaking free rusted parts!"
We use this stuff ALL THE TIME and are glad to be partnering up with them again!


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  2. Is there any way I could hire you guys to build us a tiny house near San Francisco during your LA Trip? Happy to fly down your entire team. We really love the houses you build in your HGTV show.

    1. Hey, we'd love to, but won't have the time/crew/funds at this point. LOVE San Fran- thanks for thinking of us!

    2. Do you still have space for 1 or 2 people in LA Craft&Folk Art Mus 3day workshop vc Feb 3-5 ,2017? When I go to Relax Shack site looks like will only take 1 person & not a couple at a time. Anne

  3. I need help confirming if I accidentally reserved 3 spots: Patricia Anne Smithson. 1 was to be Citi, 1 a PayPal acct. Appears 2 posted to Citi& 1 PayPal. I just want to free up a spot but be sure my partner & I have "tickets".

  4. Doesn't say what the cost is anywhere or if it includes any food or lodging??

  5. What is your schedule look like the rest of 2017? Any workshops in the great state of Texas? We live south of Houston and would love to attend a workshop

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  8. How much is the workshop? Doesn't have a price posted?

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